Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top Tens 2010, Part 2: The Most Contagious

Forgive me, Contagious.  I have cited you below but I have also sometimes cut and pasted.  I do encourage my reader to follow the link at the bottom of the post.  Consumer trends create innovation.  And there are some great innovations out there.  How can you innovate using these trends?

Remember, innovation is not only technology.  Sometimes simple training is enough.

Movements: Twisting the news, organizing the web
  • Newsjacking
  • Members of the Twitter community take on assumed identities in order to pass comment on current affairs.
  • The Web of Intent - apps that allow the user to customize their experience
  • It Gets Better - people working in all social media to create messages that offer hope
  • Soft paternalism - replacing the stick with the carrot in order to skew the decisions of the populace towards a favourable outcome.

Real-time Less 360, More 365
  • If you like something and it's not available, twitter the company and they'll send out more asap
  • Talk to the Old Spice Man real-time on twitter

Viral:  Sites Worth Sharing

  • TV No longer just the box in the corner
  • Connected TV - "Imagine this – you're on the couch at midnight catching up with True Blood through an HBO app, simultaneously checking baseball scores through an onscreen MLB widget. You dive into two-screen mode to tweet a comment on the show's cliffhanger ending, then download the series for a friend via Amazon. You turn the TV off with your smartphone and go to bed. Pretty smart, right?"
  • Interactive TV

('scuse the formatting problem)

"If connected TV is content you want, when you want it, interactive TV describes the ways in which broadcasters, software developers and content providers are seeking to retain viewers beyond the half-hour broadcast slot, sharing content and buzz with peers through apps and check-ins to shows"

Experience: Connecting the online with the offline
  • Yes, people really do leave their computers and meet up with others

Stories: Narrative, transmedia and a thumping great yarn
  • In other words, brands that best tell their stories using multiple formats get a great ROI

Demos: Just tell us what it does
  • Video, please!

Devices: More than just mobile
  • "Think of it this way – how many times did you hear friends or colleagues declare allegiance to specific devices, with their own proprietary formats, this year? "

Projects not Campaigns: Do something useful for a change
  • Brands partner with non-profit organizations to improve their image - and benefit the non-profit. 

Facebook:  World domination, one Like at a time
  • 2009 was the year twitter took over the world
  • 2010:  Facebook

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