Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Social Media Trends for 2011, Part 1

Armano admits he is not always accurate.  Who could be when predicting the future?  Interesting ideas here. 

It's The Integration Economy, Stupid
Companies will go even farther in their use of social media to promote their brands.

Tablet & Mobile Wars Create Ubiquitous Social Computing
24/7, real-time
There could be a real fistfight out there as tablet computing and mobile innovations hit the market

Facebook Interrupts Location-Based Networking.
Facebook has the data, they have the consumers, they could force geolocation services like Foursquare into the background

Average Participants Experience Social Media Schizophrenia.
Keeping track of all of one's social media personas may drive average users to distraction.  Addiction may break out

Google Doesn't Beat Them, They Join Them
Google's attempts to become a social place haven't served them well.  What they do very well is indexing.  Apply that to social data and you've got real power for research

Social Functionality Makes Websites Fashionable Again
Existing websites add social capabilities to their sites

Six Social Media Trends for 2011 from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog

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