Thursday, June 25, 2009


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While we're used to things changing and skipping, there is now a move toward what is called Foreverism.

"FOREVERISM Encompasses the many ways that consumers and businesses are embracing conversations, relationships, and products that are never done. Driving its popularity is technology that allows them to find, follow, interact and collaborate forever with anyone & anything."

Forever Findable, Followable

In snail-mail terms, this is like never having to see a "not at this address, return to sender" stamp ever again. Why? You'll be leaving snippets of yourself, your facebook, your twitter all over the internet and they are findable via Google, et. al.

Forever Conversing
"Sure, Twitter is ‘just’ the next evolution in personal communications, and something newer will steal hearts in the future (Google Wave, anyone?), but unlike other Next Big Things, its low barriers to entry and ease of use are enticing even the most luddite consumers, celebrities and brands to join in. The forced brevity of tweets has helped, too: it's easier to deal with a barrage of interactions if both sides are limited to a maximum of 140 characters."

Big Brands Join the Conversation
Right now it's just the twitter and facebook presence. Companies are dedicating departments to real-time interaction. How will your library's brand be included in this conversation?

"Now, not surprisingly, after years of one-way conversations, brands that finally open up (like the twitter examples above) will first have to deal with a steady flow of pent-up anger, complaints and frustration from customers who previously haven't had anywhere else to go.
But over time, when honest problem-solving (in combination with improved performance, of course) will lead to more balanced relationships, the focus will shift to cooperation if not co-creation. Including brands actively initiating conversations."
How can the libary initiate conversation? Whose job would it be? How would it be supported? What priority would it be among the mission of the library?

Forever in Beta
"Think operating in a humble, transparent, unpolished, almost human-like FOREVER BETA mode, not just for one product, but for an entire organization. And we're not only talking about the usual suspects like software giants and web 2.0 icons, but traditional B2C brands too, be it in automotive or FMCG. " The library has been used to constant change since the Library at Alexandria. Policies, however, can be slow to change. Once again, it falls upon your library's mission. And not a little on funding and staffing.

"Feel FOREVERISM is too broad a topic to dig into? Then focus on a few specific projects. Like fine-tuning your Twitter strategy to really start the conversation with your customers. Or introducing one ‘beta’ product that you will keep improving with help of the crowds.

From there on, try to make FOREVERISM part of your thinking when it comes to client relationships. Assess which of your current offerings are primarily transient, while customers may prefer them to be more lasting. "

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