Thursday, June 25, 2009

Book Shopping and Library "Shopping" Similarities

What Kind of Book Shopper Are You? via RT Book Reviews by RT Book Reviews on 6/17/09

Not surprisingly, bookstores see many of the same types of customers we see. Fortunately, "Campers" are welcome at the library. And we really try to use nicer terms. Usually.

"Seekers – those looking for a specific book. These include students of all kinds and those who heard about a book (TV, radio, magazine, friend) and want THAT book.

Grazers – those who love book stores but don’t really ever plan to buy a book. They wander the aisles and just gaze at the shelves and displays, occasionally picking up a book to read the cover and then go back to wandering.

Browsers – those who don’t need a specific book, but are content to roam through the aisles of the genre or topic they are looking through, i.e. sci-fi, romance, self-help.

Campers – those who come into the book store, set up shop and stay there. This includes students who think the book store is their personal library, the homeless, tutors and others who set up their drinks, food and laptops and don’t move all day.

Idiots – those with little to no specific information about the book they are looking for. "I don't remember the name of the book or the author, but I think the cover is red. Do you have that one?"

Independents – those shoppers who would rather use a computer terminal than talk to a bookseller.

Time-sucks – people who come in and ask advice for books as gifts without an inkling of what works. Or, just ask general questions about books that don’t help the bookseller or the consumer do anything, except waste time."

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