Monday, November 2, 2009

Library 101

Library 101 – New Video, Song, and Resource has Launched!
via David Lee King by David Lee King on 10/29/09

101 Resources & Things to Know (RTK)
(Some of these items do apply to only tech. Most apply to reference providers and include everything from rss to time management)

OK, it's upon us. It's time to leave denial and head toward acceptance and usage. There are things we need to know about. There are things we need to practice doing. And, yes, this is important for public library reference providers. See my previous posts about why you need rss for a start.


Going for memory and paraphrasing, In a presentation to the Canadian Library Association, Stephen Abrams
The battle for search is over. Google has won...What libraries are good at, where they shine, is building community.

That is not to say that the physical or remote visit to the library will go away. Search is still important, too. The visit to a library, in-house or remote, will remain important to customers. In-person or remote visits to the library are important to customers for getting information and building community.

What we do need to become familiar with is the new ways of communication libraries and reference providers will use. What customers will expect.

These new communication methods are what builds community. It's what recommends that resource or book to the customer. It's what promotes promotes programs and exhibits. It tells our story to the community. It builds community

Michael Stephens' presentation, The Hyperlinked Library, talks about how we tell our story to the community. It explains why it's important to tell our story. It tells us why it's important to use new technology to build community

If you have not already, please also read the previous 7 "Shift Again!" posts. You will begin to understand the urgency of this for libraries.

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