Friday, October 23, 2009

Shift Again! Libraries and the Near Future - VII

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Review (R)Evolution

What current services do we have that encourage customers to review services and materials? How are they sharing these review services and materials. What vehicles do we use that allow customers to easily find and participate in these discussions? How do we use "Right Now" review sources to solicit and receive feedback. How do we respond to feedback? What services, especially mobile, can we use to get into the review and opinion conversations? How are we finding these opinions and reviews?

We have many traditional experiences that are successful, valued, and fit the criteria. Some of them are evolving quickly.

  • In-house feedback forms
  • Remote ways to share feedback via the homepage.
  • Libraries do respond to feedback forms and virtual opinions if contact information is supplied. They may respond on paper or by email.
  • Libraries have always followed current trends, whether by traditional paper reports or watching for current thoughts in the great number of media access points.
  • In-House and remote book clubs, even if it just a link to non-library online book clubs, are popular. This, allows customers to give opinions and review books; to participate in a valued "owned" experience.
  • These book clubs also allow the customer to find information from others, allowing them to make purchase or reserve decision. Whether to "own" or "not own" the experience of the material.
  • Some libraries are giving the customer the ability to share their favorite items on the homepage.
  • Libraries are participating in Amazon's willingness share customer reviews to add to your display.
  • Review journals also are willing to share their professional reviews to add to your display

What other opportunities can we provide customers to review and give opinions about our library and its services. How can we make it easy for customers to join this conversation? How will we increase our ability to do this real-time? How can we increase our ability to give feedback real-time? What can we do to add to the greater conversation?

  • Are we using new websites like Collecta, TwitterSearch, and Trendsmap to discover current dominant thoughts, opinions, and reviews?
  • Are we checking these services multiple times each day and responding?
  • Are we using these services as opportunities to tie into a dominant thought and provide real-time feedback or "push" library services, materials, and E-Collections addressing that thought?
  • Are we using Facebook, Twitter, or other vehicles to promote services, events, and materials?
  • How create abundant opportunities for customers to participate in the greater conversation?

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