Monday, November 2, 2009

How people are using new communications technology

Yes! We here at libraryland roundup are on a roll with the tech.

The October report was the bomb
Internet Librarian Conference was last week.

So, let's look at some stuff that will give you an even more ideas for new communication use in libraries and why it's important.

How Moms Use Their iPhones
via Stephen's Lighthouse by stephen on 10/30/09
Finally, some market research libraries can really use!

How do you get in touch with that mom for story hours or pajama and teddy bear nights? How about the mom who just dropped off Elroy with his homework while shuffling Judy to dance lessons and Astro to the vet?

PNS on an ipod/iphone using Prowl
via Tame The Web by Michael on 10/29/09
How about making a Patron Notification System (PNS) Application for i-phone?

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