Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Recommended Approach to Knowledge Management


The Cynefin Framework via Stephen's Lighthouse by stephen on 4/6/09

Stephen writes:
"I am not as good as I'd want to be at explaining it but Shawn Callahan has created a sketchcast of how he explains the Cynefin Framework. He set the Sketchcast up on YouTube and you can find it here:

A simple explanation of the Cynefin Framework

David's Seven Principles of Knowledge Management are touchstones for me:"

Here are the seven principles:
1. Knowledge can only be volunteered it cannot be conscripted.
2. We only know what we know when we need to know it.
3. In the context of real need few people will withhold their knowledge.
4. Everything is fragmented.
5. Tolerated failure imprints learning better than success.
6. The way we know things is not the way we report we know things.
7. We always know more than we can say; we will always say more than we can write down.

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