Monday, April 12, 2010

Mobile Will Take Over the World - Srsly

It's mobile, mobile, mobile all the time in libraryland. This comes up over and over in the newsfeeds. While at present it looks like all we need to know is how our customers will use moble website, we might as well continue to track this.

Interesting fact: The US is actually behind Europe and Japan in using mobile. Many of the things we are not using now are already considered mundane in those regions.

Growth of Mobile Traffic via Stephen's Lighthouse by admin on 4/7/10

“As smartphones like the iPhone and Android take over the mobile Web, the amount of data traffic going over cellular networks is expected to grow 40-fold over the next five years.”

Some highlights from the blog entry:

US traffic growth will compound at an annual growth rate of 117%

“A lot of that data will come in the form of mobile Web browsing, with the biggest contributor expected to be mobile video.”

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