Monday, May 18, 2009

Reader's Advisory Resources

Published last October, we here at Librarland Roundup finally stumbled upon Mary K Chelton's most excellent list of reader's advisory resources. Like any good bibliography in the electronic age, some of the links are already out of date.

But c'mon peeps! It's Mary K. Chelton! What's not to love?

Reader's Advisory Tools for Adult Readers: A Five Year Retrospective
via WebJunction - Readers Advisory by Mary K. Chelton, Professor - Queen's College, Flushing, NY on 10/27/08

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for spotlighting Mary's article on WJ! I wanted to mention that any signed-in WebJunction member (registration is free) can use the comments field at the bottom of the article to point out broken links and suggest new ones. AND you can post your own RA resources as a document too! Thanks again. Jennifer Peterson, WJ Community Manager