Monday, May 18, 2009

Managing Social Media

If you use email, facebook, online forums, twitter, or other electronic media to keep up with professional issues, you are using social media.

Social media can take up a lot of time. Whether you use it professionally or strictly on your own time, here are some tips from iLibrarian:

How To Simplify Your Social Media Routine
Leo Babauta, author of Top 25 blog Zen Habits and best-selling book, The Power of Less, blogs for Mashable with tips for How To Simplify Your Social Media Routine. The article provides a six-step guide to keeping up by doing less.

Step 1. Use simple tools to make the most of social media
Step 2. Focus on sending out high impact messages
Step 3. Let go of the need to read everything. Learn to scan
Step 4. Figure out which social media give you the most value, and simplify
Step 5. Form close relationships with people who give you the most value, not everyone
Step 6. Manage your time wisely

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