Monday, March 30, 2009

The Future of Reader's Advisory

Building on a Firm Foundation: Readers’ Advisory over the Next Twenty-Five Years
via RUSQ by angie on 3/29/09

Format-based Readers’ Advisory: Instead of concentrating on just books or just fiction, we'll be integrating all kinds of formats from audio to dvd to youtube into our recommendations and searches.

Where is Genre Going? Fiction genres are blending and recombining. While knowledge of the basic genres is important, literary fiction is now very likely to include genre elements. "These writers all use elements usually associated with genre fiction in what otherwise would be considered “literary fiction.” The success of titles such Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife (which uses a very literary style to explore the consequences of time travel on a relationship) or Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (with its postapocalyptic setting) have exposed many readers to elements of genres they would not necessarily have tried otherwise. As genre definitions become increasingly blurry, readers’ advisors may be less able to rely on genre as a defining tool in the practice. At the same time, new genres or reading interests are continually developing"

RA for Non-English Speakers

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