Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Still More Best of 2008

Tech Stuff
ReadWriteWeb's Year End Postings
via Stephen's Lighthouse by stephen on 12/24/08
"Wheeee, it's play time. ReadWriteWeb's 10 year end postings this year are interesting and give you a good list of things to review. You know how much I love to play with stuff and this gives me 100 things to consider playing with."

Media and Books
The Best Small Movies Of The Year
via NPR Topics: Arts & Entertainment on 12/30/08

David Bianculli's Top 10 TV Shows Of 2008
via NPR Topics: Arts & Entertainment on 12/23/08

RAO’s Cumulative List of Lists of the Year’s Best Books
via The Reader's Advisor Online Blog
(this list just keeps growing! Bravo to RAO!)

Best Superhero Graphic Novels Of 2008
via NPR Topics: Authors on 12/16/08

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