Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eye on Tech

Thanks to iLibrarian for this link: Top 100 Sites for 2009 . (From the UK Guardian) There is a real difference from what was recommended in 2006 to what is upcoming in 2009. Google apparently still rules the roost but many new chicks have joined the flock.

The CIA Worldfactbook has been known to librararians since the earliest days of its internet existance. Other things, like the nifty visualization tools from, yes, Google are just beginning to catch on.

If you get a chance, try some of these sites. Think about open-source and collaborative software and you'll see why many of these things are going to quickly give traditional software, like Word, a run for their money. Get Hip so you don't Get Hit when it lands on your reference desk!

Here's a quote from the article:
"The biggest changes since 2006 have been in the fields of collaborative online services that let people in different locations work simultaneously on projects. Collaboration in 2006 was very much focused on words, but now you can create presentations that look as though they were made with expensive packages. And then you can share those presentations, or look at other work that people have done - and even download them. You can convert files without needing expensive systems. Collaborative working has never been easier, even across different platorms. The web really is becoming the operating system, as the rise of the "netbooks" (aka ultraportables, aka Liliputers) emphasises."

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