Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kinda Defined: Beach Reads

We here at librarylandroundup have previously confessed to cluelessness as to just what exactly a "Beach Read" is. We suspected, and still maintain, that the beach/vacation/summer read for an adult could include leisurely reads. After some study of the summer movie season and book bestsellers, we have come to the conclusion that, for the majority of readers, summer/beach/vacation reading is somewhat similar. Whether this is due to the marketing of books and movies during summer or is somehow an actual human desire remains unclear.

Using Joyce Sarick's cross-genre RA framework and Nancy Pearl's "doorways" theory, we have come to the following conclusions:

Adrenaline: Fast-paced, thrilling, a real page-turner.

Intellect: Could be speculative, as in sf/fantasy/crossover or it could be escapist as in historicals or romance or a lot of westerns

Feeling: Lots of it. Thrills, chills, inspiration, love, etc.

Landscape: May or may not be important

The main doorways would be Adrenaline and Feeling. "Give me a heart-pounding, emotion-provoking book, please!"

Minor doorways would be Intellect and Landscape. "By the way, I just want an escape and I like a lot of description of the scenery."

That's it folks. Librarylandroundup sits corrected!

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