Monday, September 13, 2010

Genre Talk

The Onion predicts the next big thing…minotaurs are the new vampires

Amish inspirationals grow in popularity

New genre: the hyphenate, by Joyce Saricks
Recently, a member of  RUSA's reading list group facetiously wondered if hyphenated genres should be included on the list.  Saricks notes that librarians have noticed this all along.  Cross-over genres are the new thing.

While many genres have stayed the same for decades, it is true that genre keeps shifting focus.  One year one type is popular, the next year another.  Michael Chabon, a wonderful storyteller who consistently and elegantly blends elements from several genres in his novels, alludes to this process in “Trickster in a Suit of Lights: Thoughts on the Modern Short Story.  He argues that the best writers play with rules and conventions, and that’s how genres change, grow, and stay fresh.
The vampire guy talks about real life vampires

Are zombies the new vampires?
Sarah Statz Cords writes:  a good number of new horror books feature zombies. Of course, in terms of sheer output, vampire books are still walloping all competition.  She wonders if it was started by the popular spoof Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?  She also noted that one of the first articles that wondered about this was an article by Time magazine in April 2009

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