Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Tech Trends Predictions

2010 Horizon Report via Stephen's Lighthouse by admin on 1/15/10

  • Mobile Computing (1 year or less) - Our team has our's almost ready!
  • Open Content (1 year or less) - Don't know what this is
  • E-Books (2 to 3 years) - already here, but expect some big changes in: the e-reader wars, using mobile phones as e-readers, new types of e-readers, and, hopefully, being able to purchase a digital copy the day the book is realeased!
  • Simple Augmented Reality (2 to 3 years) - This is like using your mobile phone as a tour guide. It tells you how to get there, about things around you, and interesting opportunities at both your destination and at places around you.
  • Gesture-based computing (4 to 5 years) Not sure what this is
  • Visual Data Analysis (4 to 5 years) - I'm guessing more automatic charts when you do data analysis instead of having to make them on your own?

on trend via blogwithoutalibrary.net by ae-j on 1/22/10
I think we're going to see a lot more of this attitude, learn what mobile is and be prepared to answer questions when your customers arrive:

"Personally, when it comes to mobile browsing, if I visit a site on my phone that does not have a mobile version, I will spend maybe 5 seconds looking for what I want. If I don’t see it on the home page, I won’t go any further. And if I don’t find it at all, I leave (usually cursing)."

"I have a pretty awesome screen on my laptop, with plenty of real estate, where I can (and do) happily appreciate a well designed website. But, more and more I find myself seeking out mobile versions of sites even on my laptop because those sites provide just the essential functionality with none of the clutter. Goodreads mobile and Amazon mobile are two examples."

What the Web of Tomorrow Will Look Like: 4 Big Trends to Watch via iLibrarian by Ellyssa on 1/26/10

The Web Will Be Accessible Anywhere
Web Access Will Not Focus Around the Computer (mostly mobile)
The Web Will Be Media-Centric
Social Media Will Be Its Largest Component.

ReadWriteWeb's 2010 Predictions via Stephen's Lighthouse by stephen on 12/23/09
Most frequently mentioned:
  • A price war will erupt in the e-book market (let's learn to download those e-books on our catalogs!)
  • The iPhone still rules and grabs more mobile market share than ever before.
    Meanwhile, Android becomes the number two mobile platform by year-end.
  • The netbook craze dies down. People start buying new "in-between" devices that are slightly larger and more powerful than today's netbooks, but smaller, more lightweight and cheaper than regular notebooks
  • 2010 will signal the death of the login. Third-party authentications will become the norm, and user data will be entrusted to a discrete handful of online properties. Users will pitch a hissyfit if ever they're asked to create a username and password and upload an avatar. After all, doesn't the Internet know they have a Facebook?

CNN Tech Predictions via Stephen's Lighthouse by stephen on 12/22/09

  • Internet TV and movies
    Convergence conundrum - laptops, netbooks, mobile, mp3 players, cameras become increasingly one device
    Social gaming
    Mobile payments (aka: mobile e-commerce)

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