Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Collection Management and e-books

RA Run Down via The Reader's Advisor Online Blog by Cindy Orr on 11/22/09 Raise Your Hand If You Can’s Stand Weeding

The Shame List via The Reader's Advisor Online Blog by Cindy Orr on 11/11/09
On Shelf-Awareness, one of my favorite blogs, Robert Gray recently discussed what he calls “The Shame List.” He got the idea from a panel at the Great Lakes Booksellers Association Conference where one of the panelists said, “Backlist used to be defined by publishers. Now backlist is much more what you define backlist to be for yourself. Special offers aside, backlist is the books you want to have most of the time.”

This blog is aimed at bookstores, but could be applied to libraries as well. Here’s the basic question:

“Which books would you be terribly embarrassed not to own?”

Professional/Scholarly ebooks account for more than 3 times the rest of the US ebook market combined
via No Shelf Required by spolanka on 11/25/09 From anecdotal accounts, it still appears romance readers appear to be the most vocal ebook readers.

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