Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Srsly, You Need to Use RSS, Newsreaders

Keeping up-to-date is vital to library workers. What's coming up? What are topics your users are likely to ask for? How on earth does Libraryland Roundup find all these things?

The answer is a newsreader. No more trying to remember to visit a useful site! And newsreaders do not just carry rss from blogs! The Diane Rehm show on NPR has a newsfeed, CNN has a newsfeed, see USA Today bestseller lists as soon as they are published!

You can even see Libraryland Roundup posts as they go up.

It's easy to set up and easy to train yourself to check it daily, or at least frequently. Just think of it as email updates in a scanable format. You might want to consider making it as important as your email. There is some discussion on that.

But how oh how do you set this up? I'm going to show Google Reader only as it seems to have cornered the marketplace.

Here are some instructional pages
[PDF] Setting Up A Very Easy RSS Reader
How to Create a Google Account and Set Up Google Feed Reader ...

Caveat: With Google Reader you create an account. If you already have gmail you already have an account. This also gives you a gmail account. I would use your personal email to sign up. You'll probably find yourself falling into temptation and adding a few non-library feeds to read at home.

Here are some Youtube instructional videos as well.

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