Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some Great Reading Lists

Now we here at Libraryland Roundup have never quite figured out what a beach read, a summer read, or a vacation read really are. For some people it's something fast-paced and adventuresome, for others, it's a leisurely-paced travelogue. Go figure

Or perhaps it's because we haven't spent enough time at the beach or on vacation.

We do, however, know good lists of great reads when we see them. And we denizens of libraryland just adore lists. So here are enough recent jewels to choke a horse:

Tango with Sarah!
from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Books for your beach bag
from Books - Top Stories
A few beach-worthy suggestions from USA TODAY staffers

Everybody into the Pool! Poolside Reads
from In the Bookroom

No need to add water or sand to enjoy these summer reads
from Books - Top Stories

Under the Radar: Great Recent Historical Mysteries
from The Reader's Advisor Online Blog by Cindy Orr

RA Run Down
from The Reader's Advisor Online Blog by Cindy Orr

Entertainment Weekly’s The New Classics - Top 100 Reads from 1983 to 2008–(perfect idea for a display)

NPR’s Summer Reading - Political BooksNPR’s Summer Reading - Political Books

Reading for Place: Books for Travelers

Under the Radar: 10 Great Baseball Books
from The Reader's Advisor Online Blog by Cindy Orr

Wyatt’s World: Summer Suggestions—Western Reading
from Library Journal - Collection Development
Whether you're at the beach or on the range, here are five Westerns to take along.

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