Friday, May 16, 2008

Marketing your library

via by on 5/5/08

Trendwatching is a great resource for looking at what consumers are into in the past and probably the next quarter at least. Their newsfeed is free and summarizes parts of their not-free reports. If I were a marketer or PR person, even for a lowly library, I think I'd make sure to read the feed and try to afford some of the reports.

This quarter they discussed how Eco-friendly sells, sells, sells. A library could really do a great job of advertising how eco-friendly they are for the consumer, especially on the Reuse portion fo the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle part of the Eco-friendly equation. No, it doesn't do much on the publisher's end, but on the green end of the equation a library's collection is The Way To Go. Not to mention our e-books and e-audio and even e-video collections today.

One problem libraries run into is their inability to turn on a dime and capture this audience while the iron is hot. With budgets and time at a minimum, I wonder how libraries could capture this trend?

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