Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Best Newsread Lately

As usual, Stephen Abram gives us tons of good things to think about, ponder, try out, and, most importantly, apply to our vision of libraries present and future.

I'm already completely won over by #11 - ebooks (especially audio) and #15 - RSS. I am getting anxious to try new ways of #4 tagging records in the catalog. For my library I'd love to see efficient ways of using #14 Cloud Software.

20 Things to Watch
via Stephen's Lighthouse by stephen on 3/7/08
So, what’s on my list of things to pay extra special attention to? When we’re deluged, swamped and overwhelmed by news and blog postings and other media, what do I use as my filter to trap just the important stuff that will matter to libraries? I am not going to purport that this column lists everything I pay attention to but it is a basic list of the things that I think will have a big impact on enterprises, libraries, information and librarians in the next five years. This article lists, in no particular order, 20 of the ones I think are worth watching. In the messy world of environmental and technology scanning nothing comes neatly packaged or sorted.
Information Outlook, Mar. 2008 Issue20 Things to Watch

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