Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bless Booklist Online!

Booklist now has blogs and rss feeds. No longer do we have anxiously await delivery of Booklist, flip aimlessly through the contents, and then turn to what's really important: The Manly Arts. Nope, they can go to our newsreaders as soon as they're online.

Feeling old-school? Just mark your calendar and go to the website once a month. I suspect they're embargoed until the next month but, hey, give Booklist a break! They have to make money too.

I found it easiest to go to and select the blogs tab. This immediately showed me the two blogs available that use RSS technology broadcast their contents:

Likely Stories A Book Blog by Keir Graff
Keir Graff, Booklist Online's senior editor, writes candidly about books, book reviewing, and the publishing industry

Book Group Buzz
Join Team Buzz for a book-group bounty: tips, reading guides, news, helpful links, and more.

But there's more!
Receive some of your favorite articles (a month after publication) by subscribing to the RSS feeds. Sweeeet!

At Leisure with Joyce Saricks

The Back Page

Carte Blanche

He Reads She Reads

The Manley Arts


Story Behind the Story

Top 10 Lists

"Every January, Booklist publishes Editors’ Choice: lists of the best books, databases, video/DVDs, and audiobooks of the past year. From these lists, we further select what we call the Top of the List: the single best title in eight categories—adult fiction, adult nonfiction, youth fiction, youth nonfiction, youth picture book, reference source, video/DVD, and audiobook."


A review this for subscription about 18 months ago revealed the interface was clunky for searching and the contents could as easily be found on other subscription indexes. If you do not already subscribe you do not get access to those features.

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