Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Still more clips

Congratulations Verner Vinge for his 2007 Hugo Award win with Rainbows End

Romantic Times Book Reviews "Beastly Boys" 10/2007 p. 34: Werewolves are rising in the genre

Romantic Times Book Reviews 11/07 p. 13: Romance audiences are skewing older - once again the "boomers" are affecting the market.

Notes from
Saricks, Joyce. "Nonrequired Reading for the Reader's Advisor." Booklist 10/1/2007, p. 30:

Some things are "must read for my job" reads:

Other things are "should reads" because you enjoy them
pleasure reading, listening, viewing

The problem is how to balance them

1. You can't read everything

2. Learn to read a book in 10 minutes at (about 1/3 of the way down the page.) Even Saricks isn't that fast, it usually takes her 30 minutes. This technique is most useful for non-fiction. Learn enough to share with readers

3. Reader's Advisory is collaborative - talk to your co-workers

4. Skim blurbs, pump fans, watch ads for bestsellers

5. Keep a tbr, not a stack of books at home. If it's importan enough you'll see it on your list and go back

6. Remember to put aside time for non-required "sanity reading"

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